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Tender Tracker Gladhands and Locks with 12’ 3-IN-1 Wrap

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Tender Tracker Gladhands and Locks :


Kit includes: One 12′ 3-in1 wrap, one 20” double spring tender kit, one pair of gladhand locks with 4 matching keys, one pair of angled gladhands. Product details listed below:

  • Tender Tracker Gladhands One Road King Truck Parts 3-in-1, 7-way, ABS electric and air line hose assembly wrap 
  • All 3 lines are enclosed in spiral wrap, includes D-clip used to affix to tender tracker
  • Provides superior resistance against abrasion and prevents tangled lines
  • Rubber air lines are 3/8″ ID black hose with 1/2″ swivel fittings at tractor end
  • Includes red & blue dura-grips for quick ID, preventing kinks, and easy connection
  • ABS green power line rated to -85°F (-65°C) with zinc SAE J560 7-way die-cast buffalo plugs
  • Meets both SAE J2394 and SAE J1402 requirements
  • Replaces: Tramec Sloan®️#451097  Phillips®️#30-2151  Tectran®️#169127
  • Approximate dimensions = Working length 12’
  • Approximate net weight = 12 lbs 6 oz
  • One Road King Truck Parts double spring tender kit
  • 20″ springs with durable PVC, black covers
  • Ideal for ABS lines and 3-in-one cable use
  • Includes U-bolt with 5/8” thick 3 hose holder clamp and snap on D ring
  • Replaces: Tramec Sloan®️#451745  Phillips®️#17-420  Tectran®️#9821-2
  • Approximate dimensions = 30” x 3 1/2”
  • Approximate net weight = 2 lbs 12 oz
  • One pair of Road King Truck Parts gladhand locks with 4 matching keys
  • Helps prevent against unwanted connection of tractor trailers
  • Made of a highly durable polypropylene compound
  • Quick, convenient, and easy to install deterrent
  • Fits most standard, angled, and swinger gladhands
  • Economical alternative to more expensive metal locks that can rust
  • Each lock comes with 2 keys, replacement keys are not available separately
  • Replaces: Tramec Sloan®️#59001 Phillips®️#12-700  Tectran®️#1011LK
  • Approximate dimensions ea = 3 1/4″ x 2 1/2” x 2”
  • Approximate net weight pr = 12 oz
  • One pair of Road King Truck Parts bolt on 38 degree angled gladhands
  • Angled gladhands assist in ease of coupling and help prevent air line crimps
  • Gladhands have color coded red & blue connector plates for ease of identification
  • Die cast aluminum body includes replaceable mesh screen to help protect air systems
  • 1/2” threaded FPT port on base of gladhands. Meets or exceeds SAE J318 requirements
  • Replaces: Velvac®️#035092 & 93  Tramec Sloan®️#36161 & 261  Phillips®️#12-1361 & 81
  • Approximate dimensions ea = 4 1/2” x 4” x 2”
  •  1 lb 3 oz Approximate net weight pr 
  • Approximate net weight entire kit = 17 lbs 3 oz
  • Shipping weight entire kit = 18 lbs 3 oz



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